Men's Owl Shirt Watercolor Owl Types North American Bird Of Prey Gift Forest Bird Watcher Illustration Graphic Tee Man For Him Unisex

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Men's Owl Shirt Watercolor Owl Types North American Bird Of Prey Gift Forest Bird Watcher Illustration Graphic Tee Man For Him Unisex

This is the perfect tee for any bird watcher or owl enthusiast!! It features a colorful watercolor illustration of 8 owl species found in North America. The owl species includes are: the great horned owl, barn owl, snowy owl, tawny owl, screech owl, burrowing owl, great gray owl and long eared owl. Owls are amazing birds. Some fun facts about these amazing flying birds of prey are: some can fly up to 40mph, and others can see prey up to a half a mile away. Some have remarkable hearing and are believed to be able to hear sounds up to 10 miles away. This owl compilation also makes a great gift for any veterinarian, vet tech or zoo worker. It reads 'North American Owls' in a scripted font in the center and a label for each owl species below its illustration. We only print on super soft ring spun cotton. Includes cotton drawstring gift bag.

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Direct to garment printed using the latest technology. 

Men's/Unisex Sizing:

This shirt is made from soft ring spun cotton.
Vintage colors are cotton/poly blends.
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Please note sizing may be +/- 1" in either direction.

Small: 28 Inches Long By 18 Inches Wide
Medium: 29 Inches Long By 20 Inches Wide
Large: 30 Inches Long By 22 Inches Wide
X-Large: 31 Inches Long By 24 Inches Wide
2XL: 32 Inches Long By 26 Inches Wide
3XL: 33 Inches Long By 28 Inches Wide

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Unisex Size Chart

 Size Length Width
Small 28 Inches 18 Inches
Medium 29 Inches 20 Inches
Large 30 Inches 22 Inches
X-Large 31 Inches 24 Inches
2XL 32 Inches 26 Inches
3XL 33 Inches 28 Inches


Our unisex tee is super soft combed ring spun cotton. It is preshrunk, but expect this to shrink after 4-5 washes and dries on high heat. 

Women's Size Chart

Our 4.3 oz. standard women's t-shirt runs a little small. This is a very fitted tee that some women may find too snug. Please check sizing below.

 Size Length Width
Small 25.5 Inches 17.25 Inches
Medium 26 Inches 19.25 Inches
Large 27 Inches 21.25 Inches
X-Large 28 Inches 23.25 Inches
2XL 28.5 Inches 25.25 Inches
3XL 29 Inches 27.25 Inches


Raglan Size Chart

Our 5.1 oz. Raglan baseball style tee is super soft ringspun cotton. This tee features a scalloped hemline and contrasting sleeve.

 Size Length Width
Small 29 Inches 20.5 Inches
Medium 30 Inches 22 Inches
Large 31 Inches 23.5 Inches
X-Large 32 Inches 25.5 Inches
2XL 33 Inches 27.5 Inches


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Our lightweight hoodie is perfect for any season. It features metal grommets and 7.8 oz fleece blend.

 Size Length Width
Small 28 Inches 20 Inches
Medium 29 Inches 22 Inches
Large 30 Inches 24 Inches
X-Large 31 Inches 26 Inches
2XL 32 Inches 28 Inches
3XL 33 Inches 30 Inches