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Shirts By Sarah Men's Earth Day T-Shirt Dying Planet Industrial Pollution Shirts Save 3/4 Raglan

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This t-shirt sends a powerful message about the state of our planet. Earth is dying. It may already be too late, but we all need to do something to improve the situation. Send a message this earth day. The design features earth on a spit roasting over industrial pollution. The smog is highlighted in a color to show that it is damaging to our planet. Until industry changes and corporations are forced to change, Earth will continue to die. The design on this shirt reads 'Our Planet Doesn't Stand a Chance'. This shirt may seem negative but it will also start a conversation about environmental conservation. Do Something. Our cotton t-shirts are machine wash and dry. Our cotton t-shirts are machine wash and dry. This item is direct to garment printed using the latest technology and eco friendly inks. Proudly printed in the U.S.A.

Expect slight shrinking after the first 2-3 cycles on high heat in the dryer.

Size Information:
Small: 20.5? across chest, 29" Long
Medium: 22? across chest, 30" long
Large: 23.5" across chest, 31 inches long
XL: 25.5? across chest, 32" long
2XL: 27.5? across chest, 33" long.